Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Farm School-Week Two

Farm school was back in session on Saturday.
It was about 20 degrees warmer this week.

Seedlings waiting their turn to be transplanted.

Brussels sprouts planted a little over a month ago
will find a new home soon.
I've never seen these grown,
so I look forward to witnessing them come into their own.

Would you look at these beauties?
Lynn has babied these through the recent cold snap
and he is being handsomely rewarded.

Clusters and clusters of gorgeous green globes
with plenty more to come!
Anyone gettin' hungry?

Faye raises a large variety of amaryllis plants.
What a lovely sight in the garden.

The peas should be ready for harvesting by next week.
Fork poised, here.
My lunchtime salad just ain't the same without 'em.

Wish you could taste how sweet and juicy these lil' buggers are.

A welcome guest.

We worked on the leeks today.
Another favorite of mine, 
although I haven't yet tasted Lynn's offerings.

He has his own magical mix for growing.
It's gotta be the perfect combination of ingredients,
because his crops are so healthy and abundant.

We cleared the pots of any loose debris (leaves and such),
then added a bit more soil mix.

A few more weeks and we should be able
to make some delicious homemade soup.
Grow, babies, grow!

eat make grow