Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Farm School Week Nine

 Farm School is back in session.
It was another busy day with lots to do and see.

Ah, yes, another day in paradise.

Last week, Lynn had discovered that a bird
had gotten into the tomato netting from the side
and sampled one of his delicious morsels. 
 Here's the new and improved version of protection 
from flying tomato eaters.

They can easily walk inside to retrieve fruit,
but the critters cannot penetrate the barrier.
Is there anything that's not improved 
with clothespins?

The metal stakes on the tomatoes keep the leaves off of the soil,
which protects the plant from pests.

Plenty of blooms on these sweet things.

It was time to cage these babies.

This is a cutworm.  Nasty critters.
They can be found at the base of plants
when they surface from just beneath the soil.
Read about them here.

We pulled out all this lettuce that had bolted from the heat.
The pots were tidied and prepared for another crop.

 Lynn explained how he gets his fertilizer from a local company.
He uses this on most of his crops.
It's got the right mix of minerals that his plants adore.
 It's more cost effective to buy a bag this size 
than what you might find at a big box store.
It lasts a good long while.

Some of the more exotic plants were in bloom.
This is called a king's mantle.

The contrast of the purple and yellow is striking.

This is the queen's mantle.
The purple shade is similar, 
but what a difference in texture and form.
Just gorgeous!

This is a sausage tree which is native to Africa.
We will visit this one again when we can show you what it produces.

This plant is a mystery even to Lynn.
When he first showed me, 
it seemed like the blooms were plastic or vinyl.
What a wild sense of humor God has.

This experience is something I couldn't have dreamed and yet,
I know that I created it in my life 
because I was meant to travel this path.
Feeling grateful for everything learned
and all that God provides.

"Get over the idea that only children should spend their time in study. 
Be a student so long as you still have something to learn, 
and this will mean all your life."
-Henry L. Doherty