Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pay Attention

12 Simple Ways to Improve Your Life 
(or someone else's)

*When driving, leave the radio turned off 
and the windows rolled down.
You'll notice things you haven't before.

*Park further from your destination and enjoy the walk.
Just a few extra steps can add up to a real difference.

*Close your eyes when you brush your teeth.
You'll do a better job!

*Use your own pen when filling out forms.
*Bring your own reading material to appointments. 
These two will keep you healthier, 
as you are not sharing materials (and germs) with others.

*Leave unneeded coupons on the shelf at the grocery store.
The next person to purchase the product 
will get a wonderful surprise!

*Add the year to the first ten checks at the beginning of the new year.
By the time you use the tenth check, 
you'll be used to writing the new year's date.

*When making new entries to a phone book, 
write the name in ink,
the address and phone numbers in pencil.
Hopefully, you'll keep your friends, 
even if their address or phone number changes.

*Bring shopping carts back into the store for someone else.
You'll save someone an extra trip back to their vehicle and 
store employees won't have to take the time to round up carts.

*Leave a note in dry erase marker 
on your child's (or spouse's) bathroom mirror.
Start their day with a smile and a good feeling inside.

*Donate the leftover balance on a gift card to the next person in line.
Maybe they can get something they weren't expecting.

*Say a quiet prayer to every school bus, fire truck, 
police car and ambulance you encounter.
Something as simple as, "God bless and keep you
will keep the good stuff moving.
*Leave one dollar bills in children's books at the library.
Reading really pays off-in more ways than one!

These are all small things,
but can add up to improving your life
(and maybe someone else's).

"The manner of giving is worth more than the gift."
-Pierre Corneille

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