Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thrifty Thursday-Use Whatcha Got

Looking forward to seeing these Johnny Jump-ups 
blooming in an old coffee can.

These seeds were itchin' to make their way into the garden
and there wasn't a spare pot in sight.
I gotta make do with what I can find.
Eggshells work.

I poked a small hole in the bottom with a nail and a shovel.

Just big enough for drainage.

We get these lovely eggs from Colleen,
who raises her chickens humanely.

An old strawberry container makes do as support.

Titan sunflower seeds were sown in these.
This variety could get 12 feet tall!

Nasturtiums are not only pretty to look at,
they're edible.
Since I didn't buy organic seed, I will just enjoy their beauty.
They are also supposed to be beneficial in keeping away
white flies and pumpkin beetles as stated here..
Guess we'll plant some of these near our pumpkin vines.

The outer shell is quite tough,
so it gets nicked with a pair of scissors or pruners.

It helps with germination.

I read about making pots out of tp and paper towel rolls here.

I've never seen white marigolds before.
These also keep away unwanted pests.

Those went into an egg crate I found in someone's recycle bin.
I poked holes in the bottom for drainage.

We'll keep them moist and soon have lots of transplants 
to add to the garden.

There's no end to possibilities for planting containers.
Don't think you need fancy equipment to be a good gardener.

Mother Nature does the hard part.
Happy gardening, y'all!