Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bloomin' Tuesday

While friends in the neighborhood were away last week,
I took care of their sweet pooches.
Here are a couple of sights from their yard.


They are newly enchanted with cats
and their metamorphoses.

They missed the show this time,
but there will be others.
Their milkweed has multiple critters on it.

Their hibiscus is a lovely shade of peach.

A huge pot of impatients graces their lanai.

Back in our yard,
I finally got a small hill of pumpkin planted.

These are the small sugar pumpkins,
perfect for Lil' Guy's pumpkin bread in the morning.

I also ended up making some seed pots
out of some butcher paper that came in a package a while back.

Hope to have some  homegrown eggplant
and tomatoes for making gravy.

Love when things come up so fast!

I can almost taste the ratatouille!

This has been sprawling in several places in the beds.

I pulled it out to make room for the pumpkin hills.

Yeah, it was a busy morning!

Those weeds could wait no longer.
These are my "yard clothes".
Sometimes a shower feels oh-so-good.

Well, now.
It seems our grasshopper population is expanding.
And no, Darla, I will not squish them.

Hope your garden is enjoying some visitors this fine day!


  1. Great blog!

    This post makes me want to call in sick today and stay home and garden . . . with the exception of the grasshoppers. :-) I'm not capable of squishing them because they kind of freak me out, but I do call my husband or son over to feed them to the chickens.


  2. Looks like not just you are busy around your place, lol!

  3. A true gardener--I think the signs are a filthy t-shirt. I don't think I'd have it any other way, either!

  4. Hi Daisy, I loved seeing the caterpillar and crysallis. The milkweed is beautiful too - striking color! Have a good week!

    1. Hey Beth. Glad you found something you liked here. Enjoy your week in the garden.

  5. Daisy loved seeing the neighbours garden and your planting. Oh my ! busy grasshoppers.....

    1. Hope you are having lovely gardening weather!

  6. I love those potting cups you made. And nothing feels better than a cold shower after working out in the yard.

  7. Hi Daisy,

    Fantastic shots! Looks like you did a little more than babysitting the pooches :-) Wonderful macro shots of the caterpillar and crysallis.

    1. It was a labor of love. Those pups were SO sweet! Enjoy your day!

  8. Great photos...and, yes, a shower sure feels good after being in the garden all day. :)

  9. That peach hibiscus is just beautiful. Ha! I say that if you don't get dirty, you're not a gardener. Good luck with your new plants.

    1. Thanks, Gabby. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  10. I enjoyed everything about your post. I love getting dirty in the garden! Hope your pumpkins turn out great!

    1. I'm in good company, then. Thanks for the good wishes.

  11. Wonderful post! Awesome bloom and critter pics! Jean

    1. Thanks Jean, for allowing me to share them with you and your readers.


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