Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Inside Out

Here are some pix of the garden from the inside of our house.
Taking a different perspective is helpful
in so many aspects of life.

Outside the master bedroom in the foreground
we can see the potato patch (with brick surround),
zinnias, pineapple, African Iris, and the butterfly vine.

From the living room, the basil is popping out of the
almost empty veggie garden box.
The saltbush is filling in the upper right-hand corner.

The front curves can be seen from the bathroom window.
I like having something appealing to look at
during my morning routine.

The onion patch is flanked by two rain barrels,
pineapple, salvia and African Iris.
This is also where our clothseline gets used.

From the office, our blue garden in transition shows
sweet potato vine, plumbego, ageratum, African Iris, cosmos
a tall juniper next to the garage, and a low evergreen border.

Lil' Guy has a nice vista of the rattlebox in the background.

Also contained in this bed are zinnias, sweet potato vine,
salvia, lilies, a crape myrtle tree and society garlic.
He happens to have a great view of the top of the other
rain barrel, which is usually a great resting spot for
lizards, tree frogs, butterflies and dragonflies.

Take a look at your garden from a different vantage point!
Have a wonderful gardening day!