Friday, October 7, 2011

Colt Creek State Park

With the heat of summer fading,
it was time to get back into our monthly ritual
of visiting our state parks.
We decided on something close by in North Lakeland.

Colt Creek State Park is a little over an hour's drive for us.
This 5,000 + acre haven is only 5 years old.

Native plants thrive in the conditions here.

There were a myriad of butterflies in this garden patch.

With ample trails, it's no wonder folks enjoy bringing
their horses to spend the day.

Kayaks and canoes can be found for rent.
We saw a few fishermen on the nearby pier.

We ate our lunch under this screened-in pavillion.
The bathrooms were nice-n-tidy,
a must for this sightseer.

An expanse of tall grasses line the waterway.

We marveled at the pathways made up of seashells.

Winding foottrails waiting for us to explore.

These "Tarzan" vines were all over.
I resisted the urge to yodel and swing...

Check out the height on this beauty!

Big K spotted this monster of a bug.
We saw more...

Not sure if you can zoom in on this bird.
Looks like it's scouting for a meal.

Informational kiosks can be found
to increase your native knowledge.

Outdoor picnic areas were well-shaded and free from bugs!

Lil' Guy was fascinated by these shells.
We found out through the ranger that they are apple snails.
They are the preferred food of the limpkins.

It was a great day for birdwatching
and taking a hike.

Man, I love fall!