Monday, October 24, 2011

Butterflies are Welcome Here

One of the goals at Maple Hill is attracting wildlife. 
We use natives and Florida-friendly plants
that can also be used by critters to foster their lives.
We try to provide a variety of plant species
that butterflies and pollinators enjoy.

This bush was all but lost last winter
when the hard freezes visited.
It's a favorite resting spot for butterflies now.

It reminds me of a cat's whiskers.

Zinnias are a staple here.
There are such an array of colors, sizes and textures
that we really can never have too many!

Milkweed is a native and a host for Monarchs and others.

The seeds spread themselves readily
when the wind blows just right.

You'll find great information here.

Enjoy all the critters in your garden!

Tuesday Garden Party Co-Hosts


  1. Oh, Daisy! How beautiful--love all of them--and the "cat's whiskers" made me laugh--you are so right! I love how you are such a gentle gardener--so kind to both the plants and the critters! Thanks for sharing and hope you have a great day!

  2. You really have a beautiful garden. I feel like it is still summer there, even though it is almost November.

  3. How wonderful. We too try to have a pollinator garden. I usually do annual seeds thrown down in a vacant spot but am also putting in more and more natives. It is good for the wildlife - and good for us.

  4. Kat-Thanks for the kind words.

    Jane-Thank you. It's been gorgeous out this past week. But we do have lots of sunshine!

    Green Bean-Cool avatar. I totally agree-it's good for everyone!


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