Saturday, October 1, 2011

Beginning of the Blue Garden

Last year, we added this curve to the front of our house
using flax lily as one of the main plant materials.


We promptly got a letter from the HOA
stating that it hadn't been approved.
Yeah, whatever...

I like the movement it gives the front entrance.
As an avid reader of Hoe and Shovel,
I remembered Meems posting about the unsightly issue
with the leaves
and how to deal with them.

She suggested something mighty drastic.
If you've read her blog (and you really should!),
you know that she is quite an accomplished gardener.
I trust her implicitly.

So I did it.

Right down to the quick!
Know what happened?

They grew back beautifully!

The leaves seemed more vibrant and healthy.

Flax lily is a Florida-friendly plant.
It is drought-tolerant, has year-round color,
blooms, and easily multiplies itself.
What's not to love?

As part of the "blue garden makeover" project,
these lovelies needed to be moved over
to make room for other plant material.

They will also be divided at this time,
to give more flow to this bed framing the driveway.
They are easily segmented by digging them up
and gingerly separating the roots.

This was the first step in simplifying the front beds.

Happy gardening y'all!