Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Snake Plant

I have several of these inside, but I had transplanted a few outside on the north part of the house. So far, they have been doing fine. Today I noticed some blooms coming up. I didn't even know this plant had blooms! I have so much to learn...
I hope the upcoming cold snap doesn't kill the chance to see it bloom. They seem to like moderate temps(they are most often considered indoor plants), so I'll be covering them
with a sheet tomorrow night.
Here's some more information on them:

Black-eyed Susan vine
This has always been one of my favorite blooms. The contrast of the dark green leaves and the sunny yellow-orange flowers are a sight for sore eyes. I can imagine how lovely it would be covering a fence or an arbor. This one took its time sprouting, but try stopping the blossoms once they get started! Easy to grow, self-seeding and prolific flowers. What more can a gardener ask for?



  1. Your black-eyed Susan vine is so pretty. Word of caution: Beware the snake! It can be pretty aggressive in the ground here. That bloom looks pretty cool though. I don't think I've noticed its bloom before.

  2. Thanks, FG. I will keep my eyes on that snake! ;0)

  3. Hi Daisy...I didn't know the snake plant bloomed either. I brought a couple of varieties of these home from my late aunts house, so now I can look forward to their blooms. My aunts plants made it through last year's cold winter, so I would expect yours will, too.


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