Monday, November 15, 2010

Hard Times in Paradise by David and Micki Colfax

Hard Times in Paradise

Spend time at Shining Moon Ranch with the Colfax family. In this fascinating account, follow this hard working and determined family as they leave academia and the suburbs to start their own homestead. When David loses his job as an educator and has no hope of being hired by any other university due to his support of social justice issues, he and his wife, Micki, must transform their lives. After a series of ill-fated events, they find themselves in California building their own home, living without electricity and running water, and homeschooling their children.

I found this book absolutely inspiring. The utter grit and determination it took for these city-slickers to fashion a life for themselves in the middle of nowhere is amazing. Not only were they successful in creating a home and income from their efforts, they managed to raise four boys and put them through Ivy-league schools. The story included two of my favorite subjects, homesteading and homeschooling. I loved every word.