Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bugs n stuff

Here is a closer look at one of the mystery trees/bushes in the backyard. It is starting to bloom with tons of whitish flowers. I like that they add privacy, yet are still very airy.
The birds seem to enjoy them too.
I tasted one of each of these last night and are they hot! At least to my tongue. I don't remember planting jalepenos, but here they are.

I've been finding lots of sweet, lil' ladybugs (see it in the upper left-hand corner?)not only in the vegetable garden, but other plants as well. That to me is a good sign. They are able to enjoy their job at pest control without the worry of pesticides.
Keep up the good work, ladies!

Here is an interesting specimen I have been finding on a few of our plants in the backyard. This is one of those mystery trees just before blooming. The colors on this bug are brilliant! It's mostly black with white spots and the most gorgeous shade of bright blue on the thorax.
It looks like a wasp, but I didn't notice a stinger, so maybe it's a moth of some kind.
I do wish my camera could take better close-ups. There are other bugs I'd like to document, but the pictures just come out too dang blurry.
I can so understand how someone who is studying nature could lose all track of time. It's easy to forget about everything else when you are engrossed in something so spectacular and ever-changing.
Nature is so engaging.