Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Cool Change
The recent change in the weather has enabled us to get outside more for our learning opportunities. This morning, after making several observations about the birds and bugs in the backyard, we decided to take a trip to the pond out front. Bags and pickers in hand, we thought we could add some community service to our day by tidying up any leftover Halloween candy wrappers we found along the way. My lil' guy rode his bike back and forth surveying with his eagle eyes, helping to find each piece of litter.

 We noted the size of several of the lily pads in the pond and how some of the seed pods dried right on the stalks protruding out of the water. Surprisingly, there weren't too many birds hanging about today while we were there. Sometimes we get lucky, and we can spot several different species of birds and other critters there. I even happened to spy an otter about two years ago playing in the water. What are the chances of that? (I've been collecting otters for years.) 

There was ample time to snap photos of our surroundings, paying attention to where the light made shadows. Later in the day, we had friends over and dissected one of the pumpkins we had grown in the backyard. Lots of worm holes, but not a worm to be found! (They must've known we were coming.) So much variety in our lessons, so much flexibility in our schedule. We are truly blessed to be able to homeschool.

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