Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Big Freeze is Comin'

With temperatures expected in the high 20's 
coming later in the week, 
it seemed like a good time to document 
just how hearty some of the plants 
around the garden are.
I will do my best to cover those that may be most affected,
but certainly everything can't be protected.

All the potted plants will be gathered 
and brought onto the patio.
Huddling together, it will enable many plants
to be covered with one sheet
which will keep them warmer.

Our avocado tree is big enough to plant in the yard now,
but I don't dare until the threat of frost and freeze is past us.
Glad this made a full recovery.

The lantana can't be covered and I know it will turn black,
but thankfully, it has always come back.

The holly trees are just starting to form berries and blooms.
They feel so Christmas-sy!
(Is that a word?)

I'm not sure how the wildflowers will do.
There is a small patch in the backyard
where seeds were sprinkled as a kind of experiment.
I guess they're used to fending for themselves.

The milkweed is one specimen I want to take extra measures to save.
Having just acquired two recently, they are the future home
of many caterpillars we hope to see in our yard.

The umbrella of peppers may not make it, but they are mostly ornamental, since we don't eat them around here.
Too hot for these delicate tastebuds!

The teepee for the butterfly vine may be one of the easiest to cover, as the only thing needed to keep a sheet on this structure are some butterfly clips or clothespins.

The pineapples may die back as in past years, 

but they do recover eventually.

It will be fun to see if the rain in the barrels freezes over too!
The plumbego will be fine.

One of the best things about growing natives or Florida-friendly plants, is that you needn't worry too much regarding the weather changes. They are more adept at accepting the variances in temperatures than we are!