Saturday, December 11, 2010

How to Start Homesteading

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Homesteading in the modern sense means 
going back to the land 
without necessarily going anywhere -- 
you can start homesteading even if you live in the city, 
as long as you are willing to take a few risks 
and get a little dirty.

1 Start thinking in terms of self-sufficiency. 

How much of what other people do for you 
can you do for yourself? 
This is a whole different way of thinking, 
but once you get in the habit you will see 
more and more ways to be self-sufficient.

2 Don't worry if you live in the city or suburbia 

-- there are tons of ways you can start homesteading 
even if you live in an urban area.

3 Start by thinking about the food you eat. 

You can supplement the amount you need to buy 
by growing your own, and this doesn't just mean outside crops. 
You can grow mushrooms in the cellar, 
and make wine or beer as well. 
You can make yogurt from milk with little effort, 
and bread from wheat 
you either buy or grow yourself.
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4 Think about growing chickens for eggs 

or rabbits for meat. 
Both are easy and require relatively little room. 
And chickens can eat your table scraps!

5 Heating or cooking with wood. 

Even if you do not have a fireplace, 
you can still begin cooking outside on charcoal
 -- in other words, a bbq! 
There are also solar ovens that work better 
than you might think -- and you can make these yourself, too. 
Free heat!

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6 Set up a clothesline and cut out the energy 

and expense of using a dryer. 
Save money and wear and tear on your dryer.

7 Knit or sew your own clothes. 

Even if you are not much a seamstress (or seamster), 
there are plenty of ways you can make
 or at least repair your own clothes. 
You can even use them to make rugs, aprons or artwork. 
And if they are beyond hope, donate them. 
That is part of homesteading too, 
and someone out there will be happy to have them.

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8 Always think along the lines of 

repurposing or recycling items. 
Begin homesteading and you will find 
lots of other ways to do it yourself.

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