Monday, December 13, 2010

Unwavering Inspiration

There is strength in putting your dreams down on paper. 
Any real dream only becomes reality when a plan is followed through. 
It starts with recognition, then verbalizing,
and taking it step-by-step. I was so enthralled
the first time I found out about this amazing organization.

But it was more than that. 
Everything just seemed to come together. 
My love for kids, teaching, learning, animals, farms 
and a deep-seated need to help others. 
Green Chimneys was the dream awakened in me almost a year ago. 
It's why I started this blog. 
Maple Hill will someday be my reality. 
This morning I visited the website again
to prompt the yearning to show its head. 
It's still there, stronger than ever.

Maybe it's the frigid weather outside 
and not being able to tend the garden, 
maybe it's the holidays approaching faster than I'd like. 
Whatever it is, the need to refresh my longings 
was how I started this day. 
I'm still discovering others 
who share the same type of simple living philosophy 
that seems inborn to me. 
For their company, I am more than grateful. 

The ingenuity and self-determination that some folks share 
is a source of never-ending wonder for me. 
To use our God-given gifts and abilities to better our world 
and connect with even just one other person 
in a way they have never been reached before, 
this is what it means to have a meaningful life. 
Money, material things and overabundance 
do not feed one's soul.
It is family, time, health and a sense of purpose that really matter. 
I pray that anyone coming across this blog 
will find what their life's purpose is. 
And then go for it...