Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wrappin' It Up!

I don't know about anyone else,
but I always prefer a gift that is homemade. 
Whether edible, wearable, or useable,
those gifts that someone takes the time
to create just for me are treasured. 
With so many people facing uncertainty
in the workforce, 
it makes sense to rein in and start getting
back to basics with our gift-giving.  
It's not only more meaningful, 
but it makes fiscal sense.
As in life, it comes down to quality over quantity. 
A delicious loaf of home-baked bread 
still warm from the oven,
a hand-knit scarf or winter hat, 
or a fun cookie recipe in a jar
that the receiver can enjoy composing with others,
are all ways to show you care deeply about someone
while adding comfort 
and maybe even a little joy to their life.
Not much more comforting than freshly-baked bread!

I've been making these gifts-in-a-jar for years. 
 I've made bath salts,
cornbread mix, cookies, brownies, and soup mixes.  
The finished product ends up looking like sand art, 
as you layer the ingredients in canning jars.  
No one I've ever given one of these to 
has been less than amazed at the idea.  
It's not mine, but I'm happy to pass it along!

 I enjoy making my own wrapping paper 
for the holidays. 
Here I took some scraps of wrapping paper 
from gifts last year
and glued them onto butcher paper, 
making sure to cut around the "Pooh" characters
(our 9-year old friend would probably not appreciate it as much 
had they been included).

I included this coupon for his mom so that she can spend one day  just doing something for herself. 
 She is a single mom and an avid reader 
who doesn't often get time alone
with her thoughts and loves being surrounded 
by great books!

This is the stamped paper 
I have been making for years.  
It's so easy and a great project for kids to help with.  
One year we had a distinct stamp 
for each person's gifts under the tree
so that at a glance, 
everyone could tell which presents were theirs!

 These stamps have been collected over the years 
and come in a myriad of shapes and sizes.
They can also be used for greeting cards, 
decorating shirts or bags
and creating a table runner for the holiday table.
It's a fun way to keep the kids happy 
while they await company or the first course!
Just lay out the white or brown butcher paper 
and let your creativity flow!

We don't have a fireplace (yet), 
so hubby created this makeshift hearth.
I think Santa still has to use the front door, 
but at least we don't
have to worry about our stockings burning!

Have a wonderful holiday however you choose to celebrate.
May you be "wrapped up" in blessings this holiday season!

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