Thursday, April 6, 2017

Garden Friday

 With regular rainfall, things are turning green again.

Although our temperatures fluctuate from the 30's to almost 80,
the sunshine and rain are abundant.
It doesn't seem to affect the flowering bushes,
but the veggies, I think, are a bit confused.

 The broccoli is making some progress
and we have a couple of others started in tin cans.
The snap peas planted 2 weeks ago are starting to pop.

 The kale got transplanted into bigger pots 
and fertilized with some of our secret sauce turkey poop compost tea.

The cauliflower on the stoop is growing well,
probably due to the amount of sunshine hitting the front porch. 

 The Tin Can Garden is slow growing,
but hopefully, with more consistent temperatures
in the next few weeks, we'll see some improvement.

 The beets didn't germinate as I'd hoped,
so both varieties got reseeded.
We are hoping for a bucket o'
beets in another couple of months.

The need for sunflowers hit me,
and I decided to go ahead and get some started.
I used paper towel and toilet paper rolls for containers,
that way they can be transplanted directly into the soil when they are ready.

 With colder temperatures expected this weekend,
they will be kept indoors for another couple of weeks.
They have a sunny window near which to sit and stay warm.

Some Shasta daisies were planted here in the side yard.
I noticed them growing in a field across the street the other day
while on my daily walk. 
I also sowed some cactus zinnias in this same bed.

Someone who lived here before planted a lot of dianthus
and we've enjoyed seeing them come back to life after the winter cold.

 So many of the plants are unfamiliar to me,
and without blooms appearing yet,
it's hard to determine what is what.
This looks like it may be some type of lily or iris.
Time will tell.

 Some things will be a total surprise,
as growing here is new to me.

 These alliums planted around the base of a tree
are beginning to strut their stuff.

The other garden project was to make a few
of these suet feeders.
I will sell them along with my daisy totes
at my first farmers' market here next month. 
A new adventure to look forward to.

How's your spring garden coming along?

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