Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The House That Was

We moved to North Carolina at the end of December of last year
with one mission.
Find our forever homestead.
We've been looking for about 2 months now,
and it's been a lesson in patience and compromise.

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This house came close to meeting our needs.
It's a 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom historical home,
fully renovated on almost an acre of land.
I really felt a pull the very first time we walked through it,
and conveyed my feelings to Big K
(who was at work and couldn't see it right away).
There was a bit of trepidation,
as we hadn't anticipated buying a home that was over a century old.

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A big front porch has been 
one of the top items on our wish list.
The view from here was a vacant field,
with no neighbors across the street.

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We imagined ourselves rocking here on many a night,
reading, listening to music or shelling peas.

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The backyard was level and had plenty of room for a garden
and our future chicken coop.
Since it's in a rural area, we'd be on well water and septic,
which suits us just fine.
The icing on the cake was that it literally abuts a state park.
I imagined long walks or bike rides through the park,
family picnics and lots of opportunities to photograph beautiful vistas.
I was even considering learning to catch my own fish in the lake.

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We negotiated a deal with the sellers and set up the inspection.
That's where the story ends.
Apparently, attention was paid to the inside of the house,
with gorgeous floors and a lovely new kitchen remodel.
There were some major things wrong with the structure of the house,
and even though we would have expected to renegotiate the price
to cover the cost of all the expenses,
we just didn't feel right about moving forward with such an old house.
It was a hard lesson to learn, but we're grateful for our inspector,
who helped save us a lot of heartache down the road.

We are starting from scratch with some new parameters,
and hoping that the right place chooses us again.
We are so ready to be settled,
as we are all homebodies and just want to feel at home once again.

How did your forever homestead find you?

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