Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Going Local-Memory Lane Museum

Big K had the day off yesterday,
so we decided to pay a visit to this museum that we pass all the time
going back and forth to Mooresville.
The Memory Lane Museum is located about 30 minutes north of Charlotte,
but only about 10 minutes from where we are staying.

Inside the expansive warehouse,
we found a treasure trove of vintage automobiles and memorabilia 
as far as the eye could see.

With over 150 exhibit pieces,
the motor enthusiast is sure to find something that floats their boat.
Race cars, motorcycles, toy cars and vintage automobiles
are some of the gems you'll find here.

Here's an old milk delivery truck,
which must have taken over after the horse-drawn carts were discontinued.

Quite a number of these antique cars were used in movies
that were shot locally.

A slew of early stock cars were available to enjoy.

Here's a whimsical creation based on the US space vehicles.

One of my favorite things was this wall of pedal car tractors.
Imagine all the fun that was had by the weest of farmers.

There were a ton of vintage bikes as well.
These bicycles were works of art back in the day.

This is The Whizzer, which was based on the earliest of motorcycles.
It's a gas-powered bicycle.
These types of bikes are still available today, although they are not street legal.

These roller skates bring back memories.
Every kid on our block had these kind
that attached to their gym shoes sneakers.
No one wore helmets or knee pads.
Those were the days, huh?

Remember the old coke machines
that had the glass bottles inside the door?
That was when soda was a once in a while treat.

Another fun field trip,
especially for my two "car guys".
We love getting to know our new state,
one museum at a time.
If you're in the area, feel free to call for more information at (704)662-3673.

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