Friday, April 28, 2017

Garden Friday

We've been enjoying watching these baby finches growing up.
Their parents fashioned a nest in the ideal spot,
under the cover of the front porch.
Not only does it do a great job of protecting them from the elements and predators,
it's the perfect location to do a bit of bird watching from inside the front door.

 We noticed in the last two days that the natives are getting restless.
From what we can see, there are at least four fledglings sharing the nest.
It's probably getting mighty crowded in there.

Here, Momma and Daddy are checking on the youngsters.
Whenever they approach, the mouths fly open,
awaiting some scrumptious morsel.
Hopefully, we will get to see them test their wings.


 Not too much going on in the garden these days.
Things are making slow progress,
and I'm in need of more containers to transplant some of these crops.

The tomatoes have really popped,
and I am looking forward to being able to make homemade gravy
with some homegrown San Marzano tomatoes.

Everything got a good dose of compost tea yesterday.

 The thyme recently sown is beginning to germinate.
This is one of my favorite herbs because it can be used 
in so many dishes.
The smell is heavenly.

Another container of snap peas was sown and has sprouted.
For some reason, in both containers,
only two of the four seeds have germinated.

 When checking on things in the side yard this weekend, 
we noticed that half of the apple tree in the backyard had fallen over.

The interior section had been badly damaged,
practically snapping it in half.
We think black ants were the culprits.

It was loaded with little green apples.
The man who came to cut off the fallen limbs said
that the tree could be as old as the house,
which is over 100 years old.
My friend Lynn even thought it could have been planted by
Johnny Appleseed.
Isn't that a delightful thought?

Half of it is still standing,
although with the damage so extensive,
we don't know if it will make it.
Time will tell if there will be any apples to be picked.

How's your spring garden coming along?

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