Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Gettin' to Know Lincolnton

Lincolnton, NC Earth Day Event

Saturday was the perfect day to visit downtown Lincolnton,
a small community about 20 minutes from where we currently live. 
The event taking place was a combination of farmers' market,
art and craft show and Earth Day celebration.
Food trucks galore could be found and 
also featured were local vineyards and breweries.
There was truly something for everyone!

 An array of elegant boards, bowls, and trays were displayed by this vendor.
It's so inspiring to see folks showcase their various talents.

 This booth housed a variety of wooden toys, boxes and birdhouses.
Having recently moved from the Orlando area,
we especially enjoyed the Mickey and Minnie shacks.

These gorgeous birdhouses are made from wine corks
surrounding a frame made from cabinet grade plywood.
Built to last and attractive too.
Can't beat that combination!

These beautiful lunch sacks were hand sewn.
The insides are lined with insulating fabric,
to keep your food either warm or cold!

These birdhouses were a hoot.
They are fashioned from old beer and soda cans.
What a great salute to this Earth Day event!

Look at these brilliant pieces of yard art.
I could see adding a few of these to our new homestead.

 Benches line the sidewalks, 
a welcome respite for weary shoppers.


This old water meter cover caught my eye on the way out.
I just have an appreciation for stuff that's been around
longer than me.
a beautiful brick church in downtown Lincolnton

Many more events are upcoming in Lincolnton.
We enjoy the small town feeling
and look forward to visiting future festivals.

Did you do something special for Earth Day?

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