Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Mower Deck Repair

Although we are only renting,
this property is our responsibility.
We are required to cut the grass and maintain the shrubbery.
With the weather cooperating,
Big K decided to give the riding mower a workout
for the first time since we moved here in December.

He got more than he bargained for.
The mower deck got torn up on some big branches
that were hiding in the grass.
He was not a happy camper.

But,  being the handy guy that he is,
he set out to repair the damage.
He used these boards on the shed entrance
to raise up the mower to make it easier to work on.

He set up our antiquated handy umbrella
to shield him from the sun and got to work.

A thin piece of steel was purchased from a local hardware store.

This one measures about 1/8" thick
and about 1 inch wide.

He cut it to length using a dye grinder with a cutting wheel 
and fastened it with 2 bolts he had laying around.

Making sure the blade had the needed clearance,
it was another job well done.

Other options for this job would have been to:
1.  contact a dealer for the brand mower we own
and see if they could order a new mower deck,
            2.  see if we could scrounge up a used mower for parts,
 3.  buy a new mower,
4.  have a metal fabricator repair the deck,
5.  turn the yard into a jungle.

Part of homesteading is being able to make do with what you have,
which includes repairing instead of replacing every little thing that goes wrong.

Big K is about the handiest person I've ever known.
He has such a gift for repairing and refashioning,
and he has saved us so much money over the years.
He's a real keeper.

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