Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Tidings-Garden Update

Here are some recent happenings around Maple Hill.


These sweet potatoes were just harvested not too long ago.
After placing them in a bin, we noticed them sprouting.

These will be used as new slips
and the rest were placed in the refrigerator for enjoying.

Pine bark mulch had been used around the butterfly garden.

This newly acquired "acorn mulch" will be replacing it.
I like the texture and the best part
is that it's free for the taking!
We'll add to it as it is collected.

The pine bark mulch has also been used in the areas
surrounding the veggie garden.

As our back beds have a different material which is preferred,
we made a change this weekend.

Pine straw mulch is my hands-down favorite ground cover.

This natural material adds a trail-like feel to the area.

I made sure to designate where the clothesline goes in.

The pine bark was used out front
(where HOA eyes are watching),
to replenish any barren areas.

These moonglow tomatoes
have been feeding someone well...

but it hasn't been us.

So far, the birds have eaten more produce
from the backyard than we have.
I'm happy to share,
but I may have to take measures.

Thankfully, we haven't got any burrowers,
so the carrots are safe.
(So far, so good!)

This pineapple surprised me!
I'll have to keep an eye on it.

The relocated amaryllis is starting to bloom.
Tomorrow's post will feature more of this area.
Spring is beginning early this year!

Have a wonderful day, y'all!


  1. It looks like everything is coming along get!

  2. So nice to see your bright garden. I've never seen a pineapple at that stage before.

  3. It's all looking so good. I love that you are putting up a clothesliine. And the HOA doesn't object--lucky you! Some of them can be real pains.

  4. I think I heard that the squirrels are planing a trip down south. They heard of this all you can eat acorn buffet in your backyard.

  5. Good to know I am not the only one who has a bunch of different types of mulch around the house!

  6. Clint Baker-We're gettin' there!

    tami-Me neither!

    Sue-Believe me, ours is...

    Kat-So glad you enjoyed the visit.

    Jane-You quack me up! What a vision I got when reading your post. HA!

    The Bama Gardener-Why not? Variety is the spice of life, right? I like the contrast.


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