Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Tidings

A rather bleak Friday encouraged me
to dig up our sweet potatoes.
It's so sad to see those once lovely chartreuse vines
turned to brown mush.
It's a little late in the season for harvesting,
so I wasn't sure how we'd do.

After a bit of research,
we are letting them dry out in the sun for a day or so,
then they will be stored in the pantry in a box
filled with shredded newspaper.

This one seems to have fused together.
Does that mean they didn't have enough room?
Is it edible? 
It reminds me of a bread bowl,
just grab a fork and dive into the middle!
I have SO much to learn!

I can't wait to taste them,
as this is our first harvest of this lovely veg.

I see some sweet potato bread in Lil' Guy's future!