Thursday, January 12, 2012

One Simple Thing-Allowance

Last week we spotlighted chore charts in our
One Simple Thing feature.
This week we are sharing our allowance plan.

Marbles are our currancy.

Lil' Guy's chores are broken down into different times of day.
This gives him the sense that getting it all done is doable
if it's divided throughout the day.
Kids can feel overwhelmed with one long list.

 A marble is earned for each task completed
and yes, he does get credit for
remembering to brush his teeth and wash his face. 
These are big accomplishments for him
in the quest toward independence.

He must earn at least 12 marbles a day to earn his dollar.
If he earns a bonus marble (large one),
he gets an extra 50 cents.
We encourage a cheerful attitude, 
which includes how he interacts with friends, 
and initiating assistance to Momma and Dad.
He is required to save at least $1 per week.

Lil' Guy used to be a self-proclaimed "penny pincher",
but with the coming of Legoland and their store,
that earned income doesn't stay in his bank for long!

Overall, the system works great for us.
We don't have to remind him what needs to be done
and he is using his math skills
to not only keep track of his income,
but how he will spend it.

Learning opportunities take place all around us.

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