Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Tidings

This is the mildest winter we've experienced
since moving here almost 7 years ago.
We're not used to seeing the likes of this...

in January.

Petunias are quite content with cooler temperatures
and add a touch of brightness to the garden.

Black-eyed susans are something
I'd like to use in more areas.

The bare branches of winter
add an air of tranquility and stillness.

The brilliant blue sky is a sight to behold.
We are blessed to be able to enjoy
these glorious days.


  1. Just GORGEOUS, Daisy! LOVE the 'Susans, in particular! Hope you are well!

  2. Every winter gets worse and worse up here for lack of snowfall..and this year is no exception. Just hope the summer isn't a "cooker".

    Love the beautiful flowers--though I don't know that January is right for that either!

  3. Black-eyed Susans are a family favorite at the Woodwards. We put them EVERYWHERE. I love them because they bring us pretty color later than almost everything else in our Zone 5 (I guess we're Zone 4 now) garden. =)

    That blue sky is too pretty. We finally have a little sunshine in the Midwest and I'm adoring it.

  4. It has been a strange one. But you like like your in the middle of summer there!

  5. Kat-Thanks! We are doing just fine here, thank you.

    Sue-I know it must seem strange to someone in your neck of the woods!

    Kim-Hope you have lots more sunshine coming your way!

    Jane-Yeah, it's strange, even for Central FL!

  6. I'm SO enjoying this weather, Daisy. This winter has been like I remember they are actually supposed be! Your garden is looking full and bright with petunias and susans. I also adore my bare trees... but not likely they'll stay that way for long. :-)

  7. Meems-Glad you are able to enjoy the warmer winter temps! Your garden looks amazing, as always!


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