Thursday, January 19, 2012

One Simple Thing-Shoe Rack

One of the first impressions visitors get of your home
is the front entrance.
Not only is it important to make it inviting for others,
but if you use your front door,
it sets the tone for what happens
after you turn that key in the lock.

We have a hall tree in our foyer
on which we can hang our coats and hats.
(In newer Florida homes, there are no coat closets.)

Our shoes were lined up neatly next to the front door.

One of the things that makes a house look orderly
is simply getting things off of the floor.

I like the idea of not tracking dirt into the house,
especially since we currently have carpet (>:/)
in most of the house.
I knew I needed a better solution.

An inexpensive shoe rack will do wonders
to add a sleek look to an entrance.
It's a good idea to think vertical
when you have a small area.
We can now house our shoes here
as soon as we come in from outside
and there is even room for guests shoes.
This type of rack could work in a mudroom,
laundry room, back porch, or even in a closet.

One Simple Thing