Thursday, February 2, 2012

One Simple Thing-Location

What do realtors tell you is the most important aspect
of buying or selling a new home?

Location, location, location.

The same holds true when deciding on the placement
of items in your home.
It just makes sense to place things
where they will be used.

Keys dwelling on hooks by the back door
(we rarely use the front door)
are always accessible and sure to be
found when needed.

The coffeepot and toaster oven are in a corner
of the kitchen away from the main flow of traffic.

A breakfast station makes it easy to get mornings
under way, especially when family members
have similar schedules.

The dishwasher gets used quite a bit here.
It makes sense to house the dishes and silverware
as close as possible for easy unloading.

This cabinet is directly above the dishwasher
and the drawer to the immediate right
contains the silverware.

Thinking about where you will use items is worthwhile
and lends itself to finding the most
efficient use of space.

One Simple Thing


  1. Love your simple things, Daisy!

  2. Your home is always so clean and tidy. I am so envious:)

  3. I'm enjoying this series Daisy! So true about proximity, we busy moms need to make the best use of our time, and location makes such a world of difference :)

  4. Kat-Thanks!

    Jane-Not always!

    Katy-Glad you are enjoying the ideas. Thanks for visiting!


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