Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday Tidings

It's been a mild winter all over the country.
Central Florida has been no exception.
Here are a few things comin' up this week at Maple Hill.

These lovely petunias reseed themselves readily.

This "weed" has popped up in our lawn.
Love the color and texture.
I guess "weed" is a relative term.

A reseeder in the butterfly garden.

This is the first time our aloe has had a bloom!

On our weekly visits to Lil Guy's therapy office,
these sweet acorns have been gathered
and are being used as mulch.
Don't worry,
there are still plenty for the resident squirrels.

The daisies and ferns are happily cohabitating.

Quick, make a wish!

Have a wonderful Valentine's day!


  1. Tomatoes? You got tomatoes? Only two more months and I'll have pictures like that. But no tomatoes. Not till July at least.

  2. Yeah, our growing season is really weird! I hope we get to eat some of those. I found two split earlier. :0(

  3. I don't think I even knew that aloe got a bloom. Fun to see that.

  4. Heather-I look forward to it myself!


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