Monday, September 12, 2011

Hangin' Us Out to Dry...

If you look at my profile, you may notice
that I'm not exactly thrilled with where we live.
For various reasons, we decided to buy in a gated community. 


I've posted a few times about our HOA
and the violation notices we've received about
our rain barrel, our lawn (UGH!)
and our sunflowers being too tall.  I kid you not.

Until we are able to sell our house and move north,
we have to make do with where we are.
One of our goals is to reduce our expenses
and use natural resources whenever possible.
I found a loophole in the HOA covenants.

There's a section in the documents
that addresses clotheslines.
That's all I needed to find out.

Recipe for Dry Clothes

 1 contraband clothesline

 1 hole digger

1 support pole

1 bag each of crushed rock and quick-dry cement

Rocks go into the hole...

creating a luscious first layer.

Next comes the cement

Add water, mix well.

 Check for level

Remaining ingredients pieces await the drying cement

Add toppings

It looks like we'll get to use it this week
as there is not much rain in the forecast.

It feels like one small victory for us
and Mother Nature.
Let's just keep this between us, eh?


(Simple things make me happy.)

I feel like such a renegade...


  1. When we were looking for a home, one of our "deal-killers" was if there was a HOA. I noticed that out west this was an especially common problem. One of the things I LOVED about Michigan (aside from the endlessly sunny summers and tons of snow!!) was the fact that almost everyone in this area line-dries their clothes. My kinda folks!

  2. The fact that HOA's can be SO specific about what you can and can't do, astonishes me. Somebody actually comes up with this stuff? This is the true meaning of a "busy-body".

    Thank goodness I've never lived in a HOA community. I'd be on their "hit-list" for sure.

  3. Lordy! That HOA of yours is pretty restrictive! Great job finding a workable solution, Daisy!

  4. I was just talking to my husband about a clothes line. I love this one! I had forgotten that these exist! Perhaps this is our answer! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sue-I hear ya! Believe me, this will be the last deed-restricted place we own.

    tami-Pathetic, isn't it? You should see some of the rest of the stuff in the documents! UGH!

    Kat-Thanks for your support!

    Lynnie-Glad to be of help!

    Jane-Oh, you know it!

  6. I am so sorry you have to put up with HOA...I wouldn't know what to do if someone said I couldn't conserve energy or grow sunflowers.

    Goodluck and I love the clothes pole I used one like that for years when we lived in town.


  7. Tracy-Not to worry, it build character! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. What happens if you violate the rules? Do they really sue you?

  9. Kathy-Uh, yeah. They have already foreclosed on several homes for not paying their dues.
    It's the only reason I haven't gone ahead and done what I wanted with the yard. I just want OUT!

  10. I am with Tami, I would be on their hit list for sure! I actually have 2 clotheslines, one Mary Jane Farmishy one out in the yard for big items and an umbrella type just like yours on my back deck that I use everyday! It is so convienent being right at my back door! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

  11. Rebecca-I love that you have two!


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