Thursday, September 29, 2011

That Makes Good Scents

Since joining the co-op, I've had better access
and information about natural living.
One thing I've done this year is add essential oils
to our homekeeping.

A collection of scents are available.
If you don't belong to a co-op,
consider starting one or
patronize your local health food store.
I think of it as a way of pampering my family
by adding a sense of restoration.

I add a few drops of a scent to cotton balls
(which are recycled from supplement bottles),
and then use the vacuum hose to suck 'em up.

You can smell the fragrance
each time you spruce up your floors.

It is even used in our weekly kitchen cleaning.
Fill a container with water and a splash of soap
and a few drops of your favorite oil.
Microwave for 2 1/2 minutes.

It will add a wonderful aroma to one of your favorite rooms,
while doing a great job of cleaning the inside of the oven.
Spearmint is stimulating and oh-so fresh smelling!

This bin can get downright stinky!
Add a little cucumber or melon  oil
to your clothes hamper.

Drawers are closed up most of the time
and can use a bit of refreshing.

I also keep a little right with my workout clothes
to keep the "PU's" at bay.

In the bathroom,
we sprinkle a few drops inside the toilet paper roll.
With each use, it dispenses a bit of

This little clay diffuser hangs by the bedside.
Lavender is an excellent scent for encouraging sound sleep.

Lil' Guy has one in his room,
as he has a history of asthma.
Eucalyptus is the preferred essential oil
for respiratory issues.
Breathe easy!

Why not add a comforting bouquet
to your cleaning routine?

For more ideas about using essential oils,
read this.


  1. Those were some pretty good ideas for using oils. I never thought about them before-I'll be trying the vacuum cleaner idea for sure. Mine always smells like .....ladybugs? Pee-Uuuuu!

  2. Thank you thank you thank you for this Daisy! Ahh--SO excited to try your awesome tips!

  3. Sue-Ladybugs? LOL! Hope it works for ya!

    Kat-Let me know how it goes!

  4. Great tip about the toilet paper roll!!! Thanks

  5. Tracy-You're more than welcome!

  6. Great tips! Love the vacuum idea especially. Super clever.

  7. We love essential oils here too. I've never heard of the cotton ball in the vacuum trick before though, I'll make sure to try that!

    I started growing my essential oil collection last winter, but it's still too small for my liking. I was actually planning a post soon on what to use tea tree oil for. Great minds think alike :)

  8. Kim-I like passin' on the good stuff.

    Stephanie-Can't wait to read your tea tree oil post!

  9. Well girl you have definately inspired me to head out to our local "hippie store" (that's what it's called by the locals as we do live in a hippie town ;-) LOL and get a little collection of essential oils started for me. I am forever on a mission to make my house smell fresh but you offered up some great ideas!!! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Rebecca-Enjoy your shopping trip!


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