Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Making a Clean Sweep

I like a clean house.
A lot of satisfaction is achieved knowing 
that I am the caretaker of this place we call home.
Not only does it keep us healthier,
it serves as a constant reminder to myself
that being a "homekeeper" is a noble career.
Although I'm not paid for my work,
the fulfillment comes in a job well done.
By taking care of what we have,
we are demonstrating our appreciation for all of our blessings. 

That being said, a few things have changed since we moved into our current home.
As of now, I don't work outside the home
(except for selling daisy totes at the farmers' market during season),
so I have the time to contribute to my household manager duties.
Our house is just over 1400 square feet,
so it is quite a bit smaller than our home in Florida.
I decided that I wanted to clean less and have more time for hobbies.
So the boys are now responsible for keeping their rooms clean
and will soon be doing their own laundry.
This takes much of the burden of cleaning off of me
and motivates me to do a better job on those tasks that are mine.
Here are some of the ways I have streamlined my cleaning.


There are so many uses for vinegar outside of salad dressings.
It is my go-to for anything that needs sanitizing.
It gets used on tile floors, in toilets before scrubbing
and the job it does on grout is amazing!
Here's where I used it in our last house
along with some Bon Ami to bring our grout back to life.
For the most part, I like to make homemade cleaners,
but Bon Ami is something my mom always used,
and it is still one of my favorite products around the house.

Our homemade glass cleaner is made with just a few, simple ingredients
and is used for glass furniture, mirrors and windows.
It does a fabulous job and costs just pennies per bottle.
The recipe is right on the bottle,
so that when it's time to make more,
we have the recipe at our fingertips.

I also believe in supporting companies who are keeping Mother Nature in mind.
The Mrs. Meyer's brand of general cleaner is what I use for
once-a-week dusting and cleaning our beautiful wood floors.
I like that I can buy a large bottle of concentrated cleaner
and add to my spray bottle as needed.
This is in keeping with my philosophy of buying less plastic,
as I am working toward adding less items to our recycle bin.
Paying attention to packaging is important.

Recently, we've decided that each of us will do our own laundry.
It's mostly to help C with his independent living skills,
but there are other considerations.
Big K isn't always a fan of my homesteading ventures,
so he'll be using traditional means to wash his clothes.
I prefer to make as many products as I can easily manage,
and our homemade laundry soap fits into that category.
I've been researching a way to make it even better
by using a cruelty-free bar soap.
Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap will be used from now on.

For the last couple of weeks,
we've been using wool dryer balls to decrease static electricity in our clothes.
So far, I'd have to say that I am pleased with the results.
These wool balls are supposed to last for years,
so here's another thing that can be crossed off the list of supplies.
I like that we are also supporting a company right here in the USA.
The bonus with using these is that it cuts down on the drying time,
so that you are saving money all around.

Of course, although we don't yet have a clothesline on this property,
it will be something added to our to-do list for a warmer season.
For now, our wooden drying rack has been used in the house
when temperatures are too cold outside.
The fireplace also aids in drying our laundry
while keeping us toasty warm.

our clothesline in FL

My cleaning routine has recently been modified.
After taking a few months to consider what works best,
this is what I came up with.
The daily tasks take less than an hour,
which leaves more time for things I enjoy.

Monday-clean bathrooms (floors too)
Tuesday-clean kitchen (fridge once a month)
Wednesday-clean wood floors
Thursday-dust all common areas
(boys are responsible for their own rooms)
Friday-grocery shopping or thrifting

Because our home is on the small side (1400 sf),
and because I have less on my plate,
it's much easier to complete my tasks.
The pleasure of keeping house is not something
that I've ever experienced in the 18 years that I've been at home.
With this new routine, and simple strategies,
I am finding myself content and gratified,
even downright joyful,
which is something that everyone can use
a little more of.

Be Blissed!

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