Friday, January 26, 2018

Garden Friday

This Garden Friday finds us surveying the crops
after the warm-up this past week.
When the winter turned colder,
initially I had been covering our garden veggies.
Last week, I decided to remove the covers
and just let the garden fend for itself.

Although the Vates kale doesn't look too good,
I have the feeling it will recover if I give it a good dose of fertilizer.

 The broccoli and kale seedlings didn't fare so well,
but new starts will be planted at the first of the month.
It will feel good to begin anew with some of these delicious varieties.

 The Brussels Sprouts bounced back after a few days of full sun.
This crop does well in the cold,
 even through snow and ice.

 The shallots also seemed to shrug off the cold.
They continue to thrive, regardless of what Ole Man Winter 
throws at them.

 The leeks look a bit bedraggled,
but they too, will benefit from a feeding.
We're thinking that the coldest weather is behind us,
so these beautiful leeks will have a couple of more months to grow.

This one was picked earlier in the week
and added to a vegetarian dish.
The subtle onion flavor is most welcome in any savory recipe.

It's been a busy week,
so not much got done in the veggie bed.
We've been clearing out our woods next to the house,
and that took up a lot of afternoons.
We are enjoying the work (C has been helping me),
knowing that the trees will be healthier for it.

What garden chores are you up to this winter?

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