Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Painted Loos

One of the tasks on our current project list
(see it here)
was to paint both bathrooms.
Big K got on it right after the new year.

This is the Master bathroom.
It's too much white for us,
between the cabinets, closet doors,
 tile and the walls. 
There is no window in the space,
which prompted us to choose something fairly neutral.
Eventually, both of the loos will get a makeover,
but for now,
we just decided to paint.

The plan for the renovation is 
to remove the shower/tub combo
and put in a  tiled walk-in shower.
Neither of us care for the fiberglass tub surrounds
that we currently have.
The vanity seen here will become two separate vanities
with some sort of stacked storage cabinet in the middle.
We'd also like to add a window,
or open up the wall into the next room
to let some natural light in.
The door you see here actually leads to what we call
"the spa room".
It's a funky little space with two beautiful windows,
a jetted tub, and not much practicality. 
It'll be fun to make that a more functional space.

Ah yes, the throne.

The color is very soft, but not too dark in this windowless room.

It makes it feel more finished,
even though we may end up changing the color
once the renovation is done.
The tile will be changed out for sure,
so that the room will have an entirely different vibe.

Here's C's bathroom,
also known as the guest bath.
We have plans to redo this room as well,
but for now, it got the same color treatment.
It's a start.

The outhouse pictures will stay, of course.
Every room needs a bit of whimsy,
don't you think?

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