Tuesday, January 9, 2018

2018 Project List

We bought this house in the summer of 2017,
after our trek from Florida to North Carolina.
It was in good shape overall,
but there are some things we plan to do to make it more our own.

We've done several small projects already,
painting bedrooms
painting living area
adding beadboard to office
installing ceiling fans
installing closet organizers
installing new lighting.
Not bad for a 6-month period,
but there is still so much to do.

At the start of the new year,
Big K and I actually sat down 
and talked about our punch list for the house.
It felt good to get it all down on paper,
so that we can see the big picture.
We decided not to prioritize the list,
and just determine what we will tackle next
as we complete each project.
So far, we've already been able to cross two items off of the list.
First, we installed a water filter under the kitchen sink
so that we can stop buying bottled water.
That has been on my personal wish list for a while,
as I am attempting to decrease the recycle bin's contents.
We recycle most of our garbage, and compost as well,
but it feels good to know that we needn't purchase more plastic than is necessary.

The second job we accomplished is painting the bathrooms.
Big K got on that right after the first of the year,
and did most of the work in the guest bath.
We worked together to complete the master bath,
painting the walls and all the trim. 
We will most likely finish out the master bath by
installing a closet organizer 
(the closet is located in the bathroom),
and then purchase the decorative components for the room.
Our bathrooms are going to be completely renovated,
but we know that we probably won't get to that until sometime next year.
Our biggest project for this year will be updating the kitchen.

So, for now, it feels good having a fresh coat of paint up
and having attained two of our projects so soon in the year.

On to the next goal!

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