Thursday, January 18, 2018

A Wooly Solution to Static

Dryer sheets haven't been used by our household for years.
The chemicals found in them are undesirable,
especially considering C's allergies.
We haven't yet set up our clothesline at this new house,
so most things get put directly into the dryer after the wash cycle.
I was thrilled to find a solution to controlling static electricity in our dried clothes.
These are wool dryer balls that not only tame static,
but also aide in clothes drying faster.
The tumbling action allows for more space amongst the contents of the dryer,
cutting the drying time by a significant measure.
They are reusable, so a onetime purchase
is a very distinct possibility!
What a wonderful housewarming gift!

Here's the blurb from the listing on Amazon:

 "100% HANDMADE IN THE U.S.A. This lot contains six 100% wool dryer balls made by "A Little Green Bee". They are completely made out of wool, inside and out. We use wool roving to form the ball. They are a little larger than the size of a tennis ball and will shrink slightly over time. They are "All-Natural". All natural means that this product is 100% free from any synthetic fibers. These cute little felted wool balls are designed to reduce drying time, soften fabrics, cut down on static, decrease lint, and reduce wrinkles. Because they are reusable, you will never need to purchase fabric softener or dryer sheets. And unlike other wool dryer balls made from yarn, they will not unravel and will last for years. Over time your Wool Dryer Balls will develop pills on them (If they bother you- just run a sweater depiller or light razor over them to remove pills). These balls last for years and the more pilling the better. Pills = softer clothing because there is more surface friction. They get better with age. Put away those chemical dryer sheets, protect your family and the environment, and go green with natural dryer balls!"

It does my heart good to know that 
there is a natural solution to the problem of static.
Supporting farmers in the USA clinched the deal for me.

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