Friday, January 19, 2018

Garden Friday

Garden Friday this week finds us snowed in!
With a good dousing of the white magic,
there has been absolutely no gardening going on!

After talking to my farmer friend back in Florida,
(who survived many a winter in WI),
I decided to remove the covers on the veggie garden.
I knew we were expecting snow,
and it seemed like a great experiment.

All of our crops are pretty hearty,
so it will be interesting to see what is affected.
We have beets, broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, carrots, garlic,
leek, shallots, and spinach sown.
 I checked on everything Wednesday,
when it was coming down ALL DAY LONG,
and every pot was buried in snow.
With full sun predicted for Thursday,
I left things as they were.

Even the straw bales were hidden beneath a white blanket.
By this time next week,
we should have a good idea of what will survive.
The amount of snow we got
was much more than expected,
but what a great way to find out
just how the extreme conditions will affect our garden.

Stay toasty!

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