Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Be Blissed!

This phrase came to me recently.
I not only want to remember it for myself,
to keep in mind that we are meant to be blissful,
but also to share this intention with others,
so that they may experience their own bliss.

Often folks around here will say,
"Have a blessed day",
which may appeal to some people,
but not so much to others.
I admit, I used to feel defensive when someone would say it to me,
as if they were trying to push their religion on me.
Now, I've come to realize that any blessings sent my way
are more than welcome.
Whatever the foundation,
it's a positive force of energy being aimed at me,
and I'll take all the blessings I can get.

Saying, "Be Blissed!" is akin to sending a blessing
in that I am intending for that person to reach their state of bliss
in their current circumstances.
Someone may misunderstand me and think I am saying
"Be Blessed!",
and that's okay too.
As long as the loving energy is getting out there,
that's all that matters.

Along with wishing others well,
this phrase reminds me to focus on living in the moment,
appreciating each experience as a vehicle to reach my personal goals.
I am hoping to add a lot more fun and smiles
to my life this year.

This mantra will keep my spiritual intentions in check,
so that the world can see the best of me.
So that I can give the best of me.
Because that's what it's all about.
Be Blissed! 

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