Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Homemade Living Series-Oxygen Bleach

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Homemade Living Series

  The switch to safer, homemade cleaners was made long ago.  With Lil' Guy's allergies, it only made sense to find another way to keep the homestead spic-n-span.
About a year ago, we made the decision to stop using chlorine bleach.  
Along with being harmful to those with sensitivities,
it's not a great thing to add to the water supply.

Chlorine bleach does kill bacteria and remove stains, 
and does so in a way that is harmful to animals, plants and people. 
Due to the corrosive effects of the oxidization process, chlorine bleach will burn skin 
and cause lung, nasal passage, skin and eye damage 
as well as discolor and rust metals, certain finishes and leave ‘bleach spots’ 
on surfaces when used incorrectly.  
Oxygen bleach is just as effective as chlorine but without the  side effects.

I found this recipe for Oxygen Bleach at Chiot's Run.
Suzy is also intent on creating as many of her own cleaning products as possible.

Oxygen Bleach
1 1/2 gallon bottle
2 C hydrogen peroxide
 distilled water

Pour peroxide into bottle and fill with water.
Use 1 C per load of clothes.
It's best kept away from light,
or stored in a dark bottle.

Here are some other cleaning recipes that we utilize
to keep our home clean as a whistle!
(well, most of the time, anyway)

and, in case you're interested,
here's how we keep our home in order:

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