Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Maple Hill Hop 5

Maple Hill Hop

Welcome to the Maple Hill Hop.
Feel free to share what's going on outside your door!

We've had some gorgeous days lately.
We always await autumn with open hearts.

The square-foot bed is filling in.
We've got green beans, eggplant, beets, lettuce, 
snap peas and newly-sown carrots growing here.
I added the morning glory vines to add some color to the grid.

You know what this means?
Soon we'll have sugar snap peas to munch on!
Hot dog!

These holes were noticed yesterday.

Guess I'll have to root around to find out what's making them.

 Each day a handful of green beans is harvested with pride.

Not sure what happened to this little guy.
On one of our morning checks, it was just drooping like this and the leaves were discolored.
It was fertilized anyway on the weekend,
so we'll see if it perks up.

Lettuce needs to be resown,
so that a steady supply is available.
This is a Bibb variety, and I'm looking forward to the first bite!


 Zinnias still add some color near the blue plumbego.


French marigold
butterfly vine

The saltbush in the backyard is LOADED with bees.
They are just starting to flower.


It's amazing to stand under them and listen to the buzzing.

star jasmine

 With an overcast day and mild temperatures,
yesterday was a great day for a bit of maintenance.
I love having more time outside tweaking the garden.


Here's hoping you have something wonderful
waiting right outside your door!

Let's HOP!

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