Monday, November 4, 2013

Farm School-Fall Series Week Seven

We're back on track with Farm School.
What a lovely day we had.

With temps in the 70's and the humidity down,
it was the perfect day to be outside.
We live for days like this.

Our tasks began with the tomato patch.

We needed to do what Faye & Lynn call the "tomato tuck".
The objective is to tuck the limbs behind the baling twine
which adds support to the plant
while making it easier to navigate between the rows.

Oh my.
Faye's keen eye spotted this guy.
It's a tomato horn worm and he is most certainly not welcome in the tomato patch.
It is actually the larvae of the sphinx moth.
Grow yer own, dude!

Fortunately, he didn't get to these yet.

The plants are loaded with fruit.
It won't be long before we're enjoying these juicy tidbits.
(If we can keep the worms away.) 

These eggplant were ready to be caged.

It tends to be windy up here on the hill,
so the cages are instrumental in nurturing a sturdy plant.

Another luscious jewel to look forward to.

All the radishes were harvested.
These little gems only take a few weeks to fully mature.

They are one of the smaller crops grown here,
but they sure pack a punch!
Spicy like you wouldn't believe. 

The dill is having a good time filling out in this pot.

We did a bit of "tucking" in "Peaville" as well.

The Simpson Elite lettuce is going gangbusters!
Some of this made it home with me today.

The datil peppers are growing strong.
These babies are perfect for those who need a little heat,
(okay, a LOT of heat). 

Another great learning session today at Farm School.
I feel so blessed to be able to witness the garden coming into another season.
With every seasonal change, there are different obstacles, new approaches,
and a myriad of welcome experiences.
My time here has allowed me to become a more confident gardener.
I've been given a lifelong gift 
for which I am immensely grateful.

You can read how Farm School started here.

Manic Mother