Friday, November 1, 2013

Sale on the Hill! (part two)

Yesterday we told you about the 39-mile yard sale
taking place tomorrow along Scenic Highway in Lake Wales.

 We wanted to share with you some of the vintage items that our friends
Faye & Lynn are selling as well. 
These items did not make it into the yard sale inventory
and are looking for just the right owner.

Check out some of these amazing vintage items:

 This item has already been sold,
but I just had to share it with you.
It's a military camping stove,
complete with everything needed for a GI to make a hot meal out in the field.

 This rare auto cook kit is from the 30's.
Made in America, it was to be used by motorists 
exploring the open roads so that they could cook meals on their travels.

It's only been started once, but most likely never used to actually cook anything.
The condition is unbelievable.

They even have the original shipping box that it came in!
Check the date-1932.

This fantastic commercial juicer from Sunkist
is the type that used to be used in drug store soda fountains.
It juices lemons, limes, oranges, even grapefruits.
It's all stainless steel and in perfect working order.

Couldn't you just picture this old fryer in someone's retro kitchen?
It's a complete set and in pristine condition.
~Update:  This item has been sold.~

This 1953 American-made beauty is in working order.

Isn't this multiple sharpener a hoot?
It was made in the good ole USA in the 1960's.
It can sharpen pencils, knives and scissors.

These 1975 Ball zinc canning lids are new in the box and have never been used.
They have  porcelain liners and come 12 to a box.
~This item has been sold.~

Another great USA-made product.

This set of Lefton Luncheon plates with cups is from the 60's.
This china is hand painted and numbered.
It's in perfect condition.

This original Coca-cola advertisement is not a print.
It is an actual ad on the back page of a regional newsletter.

Did you notice the price of a bottle of pop back then?
Anyone who collects Coca-cola memorabilia would be thrilled with this 1948 item.

For those into handmade pottery,
this I M Mead jar would fit the bill.
This Ohio artist's work dates back to the late 1800's.

Here's a piece of history.
This Limited Collection of digitally mastered Beatles' albums is new in the box.
The albums have never been played.

Some of their best work is beautifully encased in this box set.

Any Beatle fan would love to own this collection.

As you can tell,
these folks only do quality.
If you'd like further information on any of these items,
just email me at

Hope you find some treasures you can't live without!


  1. Oh, my! These items are in amazing condition. Have your friends ever thought about opening a shop?

    1. They simply don't have time. They are full-time farmers. I wish I could buy half of their stuff!

  2. Awesome items! The commercial juicer is really neat!

  3. So, so nifty! I love how even the books are in great condition for the cooker, and the porcelain lined lids are really neat! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yeah, they really take care of their stuff.


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