Friday, November 8, 2013

Pot Pie Shells

Pot pie is one of those comfort foods like no other.
Especially as the days get cooler,
it's a wonderful  dish to enjoy.
Here's a version we appreciated this week.

Diced onion and carrots were sauteed until soft..
Diced potatoes were cooked and frozen peas were simply placed in a bowl.

A simple roux was made with butter, flour and adding vegetable broth made a vegetarian gravy.
The spices added were easy, just salt and poultry seasoning.

The boys eat chicken, so I added some diced chicken to their mixture.
Mine contained tuna.

 There aren't many ready-made products I use in my cooking.
This is one exception that I treat us to once in a while.
Since I didn't really feel like making pastry crust,
I cheated and used these shells.
Mimi (my mom) used to use these all the time when we were growing up.

It turned out the shells were way too small to hold much,
so we just added a little extra to the plate.
It hit the spot just fine.

Whatcha making for supper this weekend?

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