Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thrifty Thursday-Sale on the Hill! (part one)

This weekend,  the 39-mile long yard sale is taking place

along Scenic Highway here in Polk County.
It stretches from Frostproof to Haines City.

As part of the event,
my farmer friends, Faye & Lynn are holding their yard sale a day early.
A neighbor is hosting the sale and other folks in the neighborhood will be participating,
but Faye & Lynn alone have over 500 items for sale.
They have many household items, collectibles and family treasures
that are unusual and hard to find.

For one thing, most of the items are Made-in-the-USA
with many dating back 20, 30 or more years.
In fact, Faye shared with me
that there are unopened gifts from their wedding over 40 years ago.
You want vintage?  They got it! 

Look at a couple of the gems I was able to pick up.

It didn't take me long to figure out what this treasure was.

Someday, I plan on canning my garden bounty,
and now I'll have a unique tool to do just that.

This old citrus crate is in excellent shape, 
considering its age.
This is indicitive of their items being sold,
everything is in fantastic condition.

I'm thinking it'll make a great coffee table with a piece of glass on top.
Turned on its side, it could be mounted as a bookshelf.
The possibilities are endless.

I also picked up a few kitchen items
and I'm so glad that wherever we end up,
we'll have a piece of Faye & Lynn's family history with us.
(One note:  there are no clothes or kids' items at this sale.)
If you want to find something you just can't live without, 
the address is
555 South Lake Starr Blvd.
(click on addy for map)
They'll be selling from 8-5 this Friday and Saturday.

Bring your cash 'cause there are treasures galore! 

***Tomorrow we'll post part two of  "Sale on the Hill".***