Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Homemade Living Series

Today, Staci and I are sharing 
some of our thoughts about 
Homemade Living.

Knitting is one of those skills that can be so useful.
It's been on my "want-to-learn" list for a while now.

 My friend KK is teaching me the basics.
Let's just say I'm a slow learner,
'cause I'm not picking it up as quickly as I'd like.
I am learning to knit with needles,
but she taught me a shortcut that got me started turning out a finished product.

She showed me how to make these hats for newborns.
It's something that is relaxing to do when you're watching tv
 listening to the radio, or just chatting with friends.

Originally, she had picked me up a plastic loom at a crafts store.
I broke it.
Instead of just buying another one,
I chose to support someone who makes them by hand.
I found Cindy Clyde and placed an order.
The set came with a loom for both hats and booties
as well as the hook and an instruction booklet.
You can find a selection of her products here.

Not only do I feel good about making hats for new moms and dads to dress their sweet ones,
I've helped to support a small business which believes in making quality products.
It's a win-win.

When I get 30 or so hats made,
they will be donated to the local hospital.
I'll get valuable practice, so the hats will keep improving
and some babies will have toasty heads this fall and winter.

I feel blessed to be able to create something with my hands and a little time
while gaining a skill that will last a lifetime
and that I can pass on to others.

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