Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Homemade Living Series-Lego Scarecrow

Welcome to the Homemade Living Series, 
featured here every other Wednesday.
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Well, it's Hallow's Eve
and we've created a scarecrow with a twist.
What else would one expect from our crew?.

It's all about the Legos in this house.

We took two pieces of pvc pipe of different lengths,

some baling twine,

and a bit of pine straw mulch
(we only used a little of this and the rest went into the garden).

We joined the two pieces of pipe in a "t" shape to form the frame
and fastened it with tie-wraps.
(Sorry it's a little blurry.)

We used the baling twine to help hold up the britches
by looping one end on the cross piece of pipe,

 and threading it through the belt loops in the pants.
Then it gets tied up back on the pipe.

The pipe is fed through the pants,
("This won't hurt a bit, little fella.")  

and the shirt is placed on the cross piece.

We stuffed our guy with the pine straw mulch.
Ah, he comes to life!

We manipulated the straw until we had the shape we wanted.
He's a stocky fella.

For extra support, we added a small bunjee chord from the cross piece
to the top of the tall pipe.
Once the head is placed, it adds a lot of weight,
so we found it necessary to give it a little help.

Ready to greet trick-or-treaters!

We had the head that we made from Lil' Guy's costume last year,
so we just reused it for our Lego scarecrow.
The rest of the stuff we had just laying around,
so it took no time at all to craft. 

Have fun and be safe out there!

Check in with Jackie, Mary and Tammy
next week as our Series continues.


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