Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Maple Hill Hop 1

Maple Hill Hop

Welcome to the first Maple Hill Hop.
This Hop is dedicated to Jean,
who used to host Bloomin' Tuesday.
It's a hop for those who want to share the great outdoors.
Can't wait to see what y'all have goin' on.

Here are some autumn scenes from our garden.

Zinnias are one of the favorite blooms around here.

This year, I tried a new variety,

but I neglected to save the seed package.

Guess I'll have to do some research,

to find out what type these beauties are.

They sure made the end of summer a good time!

A little seed saving is being undertaken.
It's one of the best and cheapest ways to keep the garden going
from year to year.

Aren't these moonflower seedpods amazing?

The gloriosa daisies are a brilliant splash of golden color in the garden.

This is the head of a sunflower I planted 
for one very special boy
who has since moved away.
I'm gonna send him some of the seed
so he can plant it in his garden next season.

Our milkweed plants have been receiving a multitude of visitors.

I think it's time to post an ad on Craig's List,

so they can be shared with others.

I'm sure they will be a welcome addition to anyone's garden.

There was ample time this weekend to do a bit of fall pruning
on some of our Florida-friendly plants.

We're hoping your Tuesday is full of autumn color!


Manic Mother