Thursday, April 5, 2012

One Simple Thing-Color Coded Closet

one of the things I think about least is what I'm wearing.
Clothes have just never been that important to me.
As long as it's comfortable and clean,
I'm content.
You know that show where they give someone
like $5,000 to spend on a new wardrobe?
All I could think of was,
how much that money could help so many people
buy food and other necessities.
I mean how many things can you wear at once?
I'd rather spend money at a nursery or thrift store.

Although there aren't a lot of clothes in my closet,
it does help to keep what is there organized by color.

Sweaters on a shelf are only used occasionally here,
but it's helpful to see the range of colors.

Dresses go from long (I only have two of those),
to short and from dark to light.
(That cream-colored one was my wedding dress.)

Everyday work shirts can be hung from light to dark,
but I use the white in the middle to give me a cleaner
separation.  It just works for me that way.

Keeping like colors together
makes it so easy to put an outfit together,
and you're out the door before you know it!
Color-code those clothes with your kids.
It's a great homeschool project,
especially for the little ones who are learning colors
and starting good habits.
One Simple Thing

 A Bowl Full of Lemons

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  1. As always, very neat and tidy! I had to laugh at the sweaters, I guess you would not need that many:)

  2. Very organized...I just did my dresser drawers....I have less sweaters than you do, lol

  3. Jane and Darla-Maybe it's time for a purge! ;0)

  4. You have made me want to go organize my closet. Thanks!

  5. Tracy-You go get 'em! Enjoy your weekend!


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