Thursday, April 2, 2015

Pantry Remix

One key of thriftiness is having a well-stocked pantry.
We scratch cook and don't eat out much,
so we save a ton of money,
and the bonus is that we feel we are eating as healthy as we can.
Knowing what you have on hand ensures that meals can be quickly prepared,
which makes life so much easier.


We posted about organizing the pantry a while back.
You can read that here.
With the house on the market again,
I've been tweaking some of our most used spaces,
including the pantry and baking/spice areas of our kitchen.
Not only will an organized pantry make our home more appealing to buyers,
it's more motivating for us to whip up something delicious.

The main reason for tweaking the shelves in the pantry 
was to separate the gluten-free items from
the other baking ingredients.
Cross-contamination hasn't been an issue,
but it just seemed like a good idea to keep these things apart.


Now those items that are safe for Lil' Guy are on the second shelf,
and the other flours and conventional pastas are on the bottom shelf.
We love using jars to keep everything fresh and easily visible.

Another area where we keep ingredients for baking is one of our cabinets.
It houses things like spices, baking soda, baking powder,
pear sauce that gets added to all of our gluten-free concoctions (it keeps things moist),
and the gf flour mix we use. 
There are so many cabinets in this kitchen,
we have ample room for all of our goodies.


It may not seem like much of a transformation,
but I like the streamlined effect.
Adding the spice racks onto the inside of the doors
really does free up space elsewhere
and makes it easier to see just what you have.
(You can make photos larger by clicking on them.)

It is such a blessing to have a kitchen so well stocked
with good things for my family to enjoy.
Hopefully, the new owners will feel the same way.

All this week we've been focusing on our home being up for sale.
Tomorrow we'll show you a new way we found to market it!

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  1. I love pantry posts! They are a favorite subject of mine :) Great job on the organization. It is the little things that make all the difference in our day. I am visiting from the Home Acre Hop. Have a lovely week!

    1. I just love pantries! ;0) So glad you took the time to stop in!

  2. It just makes one feel GOOD having things clean and organized. And like Jes, I like pantry posts too!!
    Have a great day

  3. Here in Australia I've been battling with pantry moths so decided to clean out a whole eap of stuff and reorganise the pantry. I agree that an organised pantry is so good for the soul. i have very deep and narrow cabinets so when they become cluttered it's impossible to find anything. I currently have my multitude of spices in a large plastic container on my bench but I might look into installin spice racks. such a good idea.

    1. The spice racks might work well or you could use adjustable tiered shelves, so that you can see what's in the back of your cabinet. Thank you for visiting us!


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